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Frenectomy/Tongue Ties

A tongue tie is a condition that a child can be born with that results in their tongue being attached to the floor of their mouth instead of having free movement in various directions. This condition can result in breastfeeding difficulties and speech problems. A simple surgical procedure that takes about 10 minutes is often all that is needed to treat it. Schedule a consultation today to see if we can help with your child’s craniofacial development.

Tongue ties can have several negative effects on a child’s grown and development, including:

  • Breastfeeding difficulties
  • Insufficient weight gain
  • Speech issues
  • Problems with eating and swallowing
  • Craniofacial development insufficiency
  • Airway development insufficiency
  • Under developed maxilla
  • Other mechanical issues such as licking their lips, playing wind instruments, using their tongue to properly clean around teeth after eating

Dr. Chen and her associates are highly trained in craniofacial abnormalities that can affect their health, including tongue ties. Early intervention will often lead to no long-term consequences and allow the child to have a normal growth and development. Tongue ties can also be removed as an adult to free the tongue if not treated at an earlier age.

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A frenum is a small piece of tissue between the lips and jaw. In some cases, the tissue can attach where teeth want to be or pull on tissue in adverse ways. A painless 15 minute surgery can permanently correct the problem and allow the mouth to heal properly. There is no swelling or post operative discomfort associated with the procedure and patients can return to their normal life immediately!

Dentist in Central Park
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