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Chronic Snoring

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It is estimated that 1 out of 5 people suffer from Sleep Apnea and that up to 80% or more of sleep apnea cases are undiagnosed and untreated.

Snoring and even mild to moderate sleep apnea is NOT normal and it is not healthy. In fact, it can be dangerous and have many harmful effects on your overall health. A pervasive, potentially serious condition which affects millions of people around the world, Sleep Apnea is often recognizable, but somethings the warning signs are difficult to detect.

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Normal breathing is silent breathing through your nose. It is quiet and effortless. It allows our bodies to go into normal deep, restorative sleep, and to awake refreshed and ready to take on each new day. Snoring and sleep apnea are not normal breathing patterns and they are not healthy.

Normal breathing is vital for living a vibrant happy life. Unfortunately, millions of people around the world simply cannot breathe normally, especially at night.

Many common illnesses and disease can be the result of interrupted and abnormal breathing during sleep. If you or someone you love suffers from any of these conditions, schedule a consult with us at Central Park Dental Aesthetics to learn more about treatment options.


  • Chronic snoring
  • Daytime Drowsiness
  • Morning headaches
  • Gasping episodes
  • Fatigue upon waking
  • Loud and persistent gasping during sleep


Central Park Dental Aesthetics is at the forefront of Sleep medicine and it’s integration into dentistry. We partner with Vivos and multiple medical providers to provide the highest level of treatment. One of the leading causes of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the narrowing and obstruction of the airway that makes it impossible to breathe normally during sleep. Utilizing appliances, such as the DNA Appliance System, Dr. Chen and her team can help you grow the airway which will help eliminate many health concerns while restoring you to a life full of energy and health.

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