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Restoring Smiles with Modern Root Canal Therapy

March 25, 2024

From the moment you see a tiny tooth pushing its way through an infant's gum, to the full set of pearly whites that light up an older adult's face, every stage of life brings different challenges for maintaining your oral health. But even with teeth being made from the hardest substance in the body, dental problems can still arise and threaten a healthy smile. At the office of Central Park Dental Aesthetics, we offer compassionate care to help you preserve your natural smile.

With a success rate of over 95%, modern root canal therapy is a widely recommended way of saving a tooth that has been severely damaged by dental decay or trauma. And, because preserving your own teeth supports your overall oral health and well-being, having this procedure done instead of extracting the affected tooth can be a lifesaver for many patients. In fact, root canal procedures are performed over 14 million times each year in the United States alone.

As dedicated providers of care, we recommend root canal therapy when dental decay or an injury has caused irreversible damage to the sensitive inner tissues of a tooth. Although these tissues, known as the dental pulp, are necessary for a tooth to grow and emerge, once your tooth is fully developed, they aren't required for your tooth to function properly. With today's modern instruments and techniques, having this treatment done can be just as comfortable and stress-free as getting a cavity filled.

At the office of Central Park Dental Aesthetics, we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of dental care. For more information on our practice and the wide array of services that we offer, call us today.

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